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Event Results – 2022 NPT Carlsbad Classic

Event Results - 2022 NPT Carlsbad Classic

Event #24 Results

Professional Division Winners

Brock Gilespie & Mike Gonzales -6 Through 9 Holes

It was a heated contest between some of the best putters on the National Putting Tour.  Brock Gillespie, in his 7th and final try, shot -6 through nine holes. Gillespie thought he had victory locked up. The problem was that Mike Gonzales was not in his car leaving the facility yet. Mike Gonzales still had one final round. Mike Gonzales with his last try, shot – 6 through nine holes to tie for 1st place. Therefore, first place was won by Brock Gillespie and Mike Gonzales.

Professional Division - Top 5

T1st. Brock Gillespie-6
T1st. Mike Gonzales-6
T3rd. Jeff McDonald-5
T3rd. Eric Bishop-5
T5th. Richard Herbert-3
T5th. Dennnis Sciotto-3
T5th. Steve McMahon-3

Amateur Division - Top 3

1st. Colin McNeilly-3
2nd. Phillip Scott-2
3rd. Billy Caldwell-1

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