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Congratulations to Jacob Stasiulewicz For Winning the 2021 Tour Final and Belt Chase!

If you like competitive putting, you have come to the right place. Here at the National Putting Tour, we hold putting competitions all over the country for cash and prizes. No matter what skill level you are at, you can still have fun competing in the National Putting Tour. At every event we have a Beginner, Amateur and Professional divisions. Come join the fun! To see our upcoming events, visit our events page. Thank you for visiting!


2021 NPT Top 10 Points Leaderboard - Completed 11 of 11 Events

A player may use point results for their best 6 out of 10 standard & VIP NPT events. The Tour Championship will be the 11th event of the year and a players seventh event in relation to NPT points. NPT affiliate points can be obtained by playing an event outside of the NPT. A player may use results from a maximum of two affiliate events and these will count towards the six event point usage maximum.

1st. Jacob Stasiulewicz (Best 6 Events)Belt Chase Champion2138.5 Points
2nd. Brock Gillespie (Best 6 Events)1923 Points
3rd. Mike Gonzales (Best 6 Events)1279 Points
4th. Matt Male (5 Events)1236 Points
5th. Sean Kearns (3 Events)764 Points
6th. Carlos Torres(4 Events)646 Points
7th. Tito Silverman(3 Events)641 Points
8th. TD Drake(2 Events)629 Points
9th. Brandon Fox(2 Events)578 Points
10th. Caroline Dixon(4 Events)510 Points

Featured Players

Jacob Stasiulewicz

  • 2020 & 2021 NPT Points Race Champ.
  • 2020 NPT Pho/Las Vegas City Champ.
  • 4th 2017 MSOP High Roller Tournament

Tito Silverman

  • 2nd Place 2019 MSOP Main Event
  • 2nd Place 2019 SDPL City Championships
  • 2019 MSOP LA Champion
  • 2021 NPT SD Champ.

Mike Gonzales

  • 2019 LA MSOP Champ.
  • 2017 MSOP Phoenix Champ.
  • 2019 SDPL Champ.
  • 3rd 2020 NPT Points Race

Matt Male

  • 2021 USPMGA Champ.
  • 2015 Masters of Putting Champion
  • 3rd Place 2014 U.S. Open & 2017 Team USA Putter
  • 2021 NPT IE Champ.

Brandon Fox

  • 2021 LA Open NPT Champion
  • 2019 LA MSOP Champion
  • 3rd Place 2021 NPT Utah Open

Brock Gillespie

  • 2020 2nd Place NPT Points Race
  • 2021 NPT LV Champ.
  • 2 Time Top 3 Finisher SD MSOP Finals
  • T15 2019 MSOP Turbo Singles #1

TD Drake

  • 2021 Las Vegas Downtowner Motel Champion
  • 3 Time MSOP LV Local Champion
  • Creator of “Rollin” the NPT Theme Song

Sean Kearns

  • 2021 Randy Jones Putting Champion
  • T14th 2018 MSOP Stroke Play Championship
  • 2019 SD MSOP Finals Top 3 Finisher

View the Recap Video for the 2021 NPT Randy Jones Putting Championship Presented by EDCO

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