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2021 NPT VIP Event – The Downtowner Classic

2021 NPT VIP Event 17 - The Downtowner Classic

This event is official! It will be held at The Downtowner Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas on Monday night, August 23rd. It will run from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. This event is FREE! The NPT is awarding $100.00 to the winner. Additional buy in options will be available for the Amateur and Professional flights. This event is also worth VIP (1.5x) points. Current players are:

1. Jeff Kirk
2. TD Drake + 2
3. Jaime Ganser
4. Andy Mendoza
5. Brock Gillespie
6. Ralph Wagner
7. Ronnie Marx

If you would like to see some gallery pictures of the venue or if you would like to sign up, view below: