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2021 NPT Utah Open – Stucki Farms

2021 NPT Utah Open - Stucki Farms

This event is official! It will take place on September 11th, 2021 at Stucki Farms in Washington, Utah. It will start at 4:30 pm and will go until 8:30 pm.

This thing is going to be absolutely epic! Stucki Farms ended up renting the whole facility out to an entity that runs an event called "Soaked." I originally had the September 11th date booked, but they decided to go with this other entity instead because they are spending a ton of money to rent the facility. Initially, I thought this was a bad thing. I come to realize that it is going to be an overwhelmingly awesome thing.

I've been in touch with the "Soaked" guys and they're going to let me throw my putting tournament. They're going to let me run everything that has to do with putting in their event and they're going to be bringing in a ton of players. They're talking about over 500 people showing up to their event. I would figure at least a third of those people are going to want to do the putting tournament. The guys running this thing want me to manage the putting facility for their event attendees.

This event will be a VIP event and will be worth 1.5x points. We're going to create a separate division for their attendees called the "Party" Division. Then, I will have my normal "Amateur and Professional" divisions. If some of their players want to buy in to the Amateur or Professional divisions they are going to be encouraged to do so. This event is going to be two rounds of 18 holes. The "Party" division which will be a free division, is only going to be one round of 18 holes.

To entice people from Las Vegas to come up to this event I'm making it only $10 for Amateurs. There's going to be some great prizes for the top 3 in this division. We're going to do an "Amateur Add-on" of $20 for those amateurs that want to gamble a little more. Payouts in this division will be just like normal NPT events.

Professional Division and MSOP add-on divisions will stay the same. Money will come out of those pools to pay for a players entry into the "Soaked" event. We will also be giving 10% to a charity for families of first responders. There will be a 10% rake going to the National Putting Tour to help cover the facility rental. The rest of the money will go back to the players.

This paid entry into the tournament gets you into the "Soaked" event as well. I guess they're doing like a water balloon fight and some other pool related activities. If you have kids, make a day out of it and bring them up. I know they would have a lot of fun with it. If players want to just stay in the putting area and do just putting, they are not going to be subject to any sort of water games.

The most exciting thing about this event is the TV show that I'm doing. I've been in talks with Brent Coulbourne over at ESPN3 and they're really excited about this idea and what I have going on. They are really liking the visuals from the Stucki Farms course. They said if I do a good production, I have a really good shot of getting on the 2022 ESPN 8 "The Ocho" television show. I got a couple camera guys coming out. I also have a couple NPT staff members coming out. We are going to be doing a lot more things related to TV production like interviews and course commentary.

Every National Putting Tour Player that comes and plays in the event is guaranteed to get a clip on the TV show. I'm working on more prizes and sponsorships that are going to take this event to another level. Please come help support the National Putting Tour and come to this event. I can promise you that it will be worth it. To sign up for this event please click on the button below:


This scorecard represents a modified Stucki Farms course that we will be playing for the 2021 Utah Open.  We have removed circus holes and any “hole on hill” situations: