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2023 NPT Tin Cup Grill Putting Shootout – Event Details

2023 NPT Tin Cup Grill Putting Shootout - Event Details


Venue - Cumming City Center - Tin Cup Grill Putting Course

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450 Vision Drive
Cumming, GA
(The nearest cross streets are Canton Hwy & Pine Lake Drive)

Date: May 21st, 2023

Time: 4:00 pm

This event is being held at one of the greatest putting courses in the nation.  PuttTek has created a masterpiece.  We will be playing an 18-hole course twice.  This will be a stroke play event. 

Divisions & Cash Games

The NPT will be taking a 10% rake from this event that will go to help pay for staff working the event.

There will be a $10.00 green fee that goes to Tin Cup Grill for this event.

Important Note: A player that is playing in the Amateur or Beginner division may also play in the Women’s or Senior division. A Professional Woman may also play in the Women’s or Senior division. A male player that is playing in the Professional division may only play in that division. 

Division:Payout Structure:
Beginner Divison - $5.00Winner Take All
Women's Divison - $20.00Winner Take All
Best Round - $20.00Winner Take All
Senior (Age 60 & Over) Divison - $10.00Top 33% Get Paid
Amateur Divison - $30.00Top 33% Get Paid
Professional Divison - $60.00Top 33% Get Paid
Elite Pro Addon (Optional) - $100.00Top 33% Get Paid

Commited Players


1. Brock Gillespie2. Bryan Akers
3. Jon Paschetto4. Daddy Holt
5. Amanda Farahany6. Ted Fort
7. Travis Klabon8. Kyle Sweatt
9. Stan Kurnett10. Rusty Dunn
11. Joe Young12. Jackson Young
13. Justin Lanier


14. Patrick Goodheart15. Andrew Weis
16. Matthew Drumm17. Bryce Reulbach
18. Clay Cannon19. Blake Chustz
20. Michael Stone21. Jaime Heath
22. Al Tiangco23. Landon Jackson
24. David Fischer25. Tyler Glen
26. Brock Fordham27. Ray Fordham
28. Irwin Yamada-Acosta29. Josh Houser
30. Keith Grayson31. Kurt Cross
32. Scott Cross33. Joe Racanelli
34. Hunter Ramey35. Zach Brumbalow
36. Daniel Correll37. Amy Fischer
38. Zach Fisher39. Jason Witzke
40. Jim Drumm41. Dan Thomas
42. Jim Jackson43. Chris Vincent
44. Danny Conlin45. Cole Isbell
46. Dax Isbell47. Trey Ellenberg


48. Lisa Ammons5. Amanda Farahany
49. Carol LaBranch


50. Joe LaBranche51. Randy Dart
52. Lisa Ammons53. Ricky Noles
54. Rick Kiker55. Charlie Owens
56. Larry Carlisle57. Brian Glen
58. Bill Brannen59. Charlie Owens
60. Jeff Rosenthal61. Mark Meade
62. Brian Wietzel63. Mark Wurster


64. Justin Jackson65. Brad Fyle
66. Kale Powers67. Matt Smith
68. Cooper Mcclain69. Jarrel Leonard
70. Norene Ernst71. Sue Connell
72. Brendan Hamel73. Sara Rose Hamel
74. Corey Bolt75. Robert Edwards
76. Charlie Williams77. Tony Dalessandro
78. Anthony Dalessandro79. Josh Meade
80. Clay McKinnon81. Walt Nelson
82. Stuart Johnson83. Adam Merritt
84. Anna Keosavang85. Janie Edwards
86. Michael Williams


Overhead Map With Holes
Click on Map to Enlarge


12:00 pm - 3:55 pm ~ Practice Time

2:00 pm - 3:55 pm ~ Registration

3:55 pm to 4:00 ~ Announcements

4:00 pm - 6:30 pm ~ Round 1

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm ~ Round 2

8:30 pm - 8:45 pm ~ Playoff If Needed

8:45 pm - 9:30 pm ~ Scoring & Payouts

Tin Cup Bar & Grill Putting Shootout Flyer Small
satelite view of cumming


Tin Cup Scorecard